About Shynta

Shynta-collection is the story of a meeting and that of a journey.

It is in Bali – the sacred land of the gods, a place of Hindu culture, but especially of local crafts – that Jean-Michel Despallières, brand creator, finds his inspiration.

In January 2013, Dominique Rousset joins the Shynta adventure and takes over the management in accordance with Balinese traditions.
In love with Bali, driven by passion, by the desire to dream, Dominique creates colorful, timeless and bright collections… as an invitation to travel.

The style of our jewelry and collections was born out of the mastery of Indonesian handicrafts. The production and assembly of pieces take place here, on the island of the gods – giving a magical dimension, as a lucky charm, a burst of joy and color to Shynta jewelry.

The collections are made from a range of natural materials such as cotton, wood, silver, feathers, beads, mother of pearl, resin and bone.
We find these materials in ranges of necklaces, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

When worn, our jewelry reflects lightness, simplicity and authenticity all at once. They give a touch of color that brings whimsy and joy to your silhouette.
Dominique uses current trends and for every season researches the best range of colors and fantasies, to bring generosity to the Shynta-collection.

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